Do It Yo’self

For those that don’t know, Roll Dawgs Zine is completely done by just the 2 of us: Andrew Durso & Claire Roberts.
As of right now, we take no contributions what-so-ever, so every day we are thinking of a master plan, and plotting what our next moves are going to be. There’s that saying that too much of one thing isn’t good, and in our case, feeling like chickens with our heads cut off ensues when we do nothing but run ourselves into the ground doing zine shenanigans. Not that we don’t enjoy what we’re doing, we’re more than happy with where we’re at, but everyone and everything needs a balance.
We decided to dip our toes into some DIY projects to give us something else to keep us busy with, and get our hands dirty. Keep on the look out in the next few weeks for what we will have available. Until then, here are a few photos to give you a little teaser.








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